Klerksdorp, North West Province, South Africa

Klerksdorp - North West Province - South AfricaKlerksdorp - North West Province - South Africa
Klerksdorp - North West Province - South AfricaKlerksdorp - North West Province - South Africa

Klerksdorp, North West Province, South Africa



On the N12, between Potchefstroom and Wolmaransstad.


The first magistrate of the small community that settled on the banks of the Schoonspruit in 1837, Jacob de C’lerq, gave his name to a town founded by twelve Voortrekker families and built by gold mining.

The discovery of gold in 1886 saw thousands of prospectors descending on the quiet rural aggregation of Klerksdorp.

Today, Klerksdorp is the centre for a large mining and agricultural economy and has the second largest grain co-operative in the world.



Old mining shafts dating back to the 18th century, and rock inscriptions of Anglo-Boer War British regiments.

Jack Scott House

This tin house was imported from Britain and was the home of Jack Scott, the father of modern-day mining in the area.

Klerksdorp Mine Tours

Interesting tours can be arranged on request.

Klerksdorp Museum

Margarieta Prinsloo & Lombaard Street, behind Protea Lodge Hotel. The museum also offers Peach Mampoer & Soet Blits liqueurs.

Old Cemetry

Emotive cemetry for British soldiers and Boer women and children who died during the Anglo-Boer War of 1899 – 1902.

Ou Dorp Hiking Trail

This walk meanders through 11km in the old part of town, passing the early homes of Voortrekker families. Remains of pre-historic Tswana kraals can also be seen.

Rock Engravings

Located on the farm Bosworth and now preserved as a national monument.

Stock Exchange Building

Built and occupied in 1888 during the gold rush.

Faan Meintjies Nature Reserve

This small reserve conserves an interesting eco system where a number of important game species have been introduced, including rhino. 150 bird species are an added attraction. The reserve is located 13km north of Klerksdorp.


Fly fishing for coarse fish is a growing sport in the area.

Horse Trails

Contact Rhino Rock Horse Trail and Riding School.

Johan Neser Dam

Offers recreational facilities on the Schoonspruit located to the northwest of the city.

Plant House

The municipal gardens where a variety of indigenous and exotic plants can be seen.

The Railway Station and Old Flag Room

Opened by President Paul Kruger when the line from Krugersdorp reached the town in 1897, Klerksdorp’s first national monument.

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Klerksdorp - North West Province - South Africa